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We’re happy to refine our design to fit your needs, whether a little or a lot.

Revisions: If you know exactly what changes you need to make to our plan, simply fax or email a marked-up copy from any of three options; 1) printed letter-size paper from our website image, or 2) a purchased Design Sampler or 3) a purchased set of Prelim's. We'll then promptly provide a quote for the proposed work. Usually your revisions amount to basic drafting, which we can apply to your plan and add to the cost of the product you are purchasing (Prelim, A-Set, S-Set). Cost of revisions will depend upon the impact on the design and number of areas/sheets the revisions effect.

Design Development: Design Development typically involves much more engagement. There is always a design that has been selected as a starting point. We then get to know you and your property through a thorough interview process. This allows us the opportunity to collect all information and build the knowledge necessary to effectively develop that design into the perfect home- tailored for you and your building site.

To commission us for our Design Development Service, we simply start with an initial consultation and payment of a retainer fee based upon our anticipated scope of work. We then forward our "Planning Workbook" for you to study and fill out. Your homework also includes collecting pertinent information about your land along with any scrapbook content you've collected over the years. An interview is then conducted to review the content of your "Workbook" after which we launch into our work. During those early stages, it is determined whether it will be necessary to do a major overhaul of the starting point design or if relatively minor refinements will suffice. The cost for this service will be related to our scope of work and an agreement created beforehand will detail the process.

Please call Alpenglow Log & Timber Homes at 970-523-9393 for further information or email us at