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You’ve got the land, but may have no idea where to start or maybe you have a pretty clear vision of what you want but just need help to put it all together. The goal of a "concept" is to assemble a solid starting point to create plans from.

Our goal is to create a home design that will blend the unique qualities of your building site with your individual lifestyle and overall goals. To succeed in that quest we must build the knowledge necessary to effectively develop a conceptual floor plan which leads to our integrating an exterior style that offers the curb appeal you seek.

To commission us to create a conceptual design we simply start with an initial consultation and payment of a retainer fee based upon our anticipated scope of work. We then forward our "Planning Workbook" for you to study and fill out. Your homework also includes gathering any scrapbook content you've collected over the years. We also require all pertinent information about your land. If added assistance is needed our scope can be added to by having us conduct all the necessary land research and, if requested, we can also assemble a full land and/or project feasibility study. An interview is then conducted to review the content of your "Workbook" after which we launch into our conceptual work. Concepts can be created by hand or CAD, and developed via 3D CAD Modeling. The cost for this service will be related to the size and complexity of the design and an agreement created beforehand will detail the process. Site visits can be arranged, but with adequate pictures and maps that you supply, and the benefit of modern day technology you’ll be pleased with the results even if the extra expense of our site visit is not undertaken.

Cost to commission us to create a conceptual design ranges from $1-$2 per sq. ft. and can usually include a round of revisions. Architectural and Structural drawings are separate and can be performed through us or a local firm of your choosing. Again, the goal of creating a Conceptual Design, is to establish the starting point from which all subsequent work will come from.

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