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Alpenglow Accents -
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With Alpenglow Accents your home design (even the blandest) comes alive with vibrant features that make it an extraordinary home. Our specialty wood components will add the character that makes your home uniquely your's.

Choose from round logs or custom cut dimensional timbers. With our sawmill and other processing equipment we can manufacture a host of material with custom texturing and also pre-stained to give it ultimate protection.

We offer a variety of species including pine, fir and cedar and can mill to precision standards of virtually any size.

Logs: clean or skip-peeled poles/logs (2" to 18" diameter).

Timbers: Surfaces can be finished in a variety of ways including rough sawn, hewn, textured, antiqued, smooth.

From our log's & timbers we pre-manufacture building components and ship them ready-to-install on your new home project. Select from:

*vertical corner wrap logs/timbers, *mantels, *corbels, *diagonal brace assemblies, *shaped knee braces, *viga's, *Feature TRUSSES, *shutters, *L-Corner Blocks, *and more.

Below is an image of our Tree Shadow design in which we've tagged some of the accents typical of a Craftsman style home, all of which are specialty products we produce.  (See photos below)

Alpenglow Accents

Dual log posts, decorative corbels and shaped timbers are part of ALTH's Craftsman styling shown below.


Arched header beams with log support posts provide the timber framed look without its high cost.


Timber trusses with double bottom chords are featured in this Alpenglow home shown below.

Picture of a timber truss assembled at the ALTH yard in Colorado that was next partially disassembled for shipping
  Here are two slightly different timber trusses designed into a variation of  our Woodhaven design (Woodhaven III), currently being built near Lake Tahoe, CA.


Vertical Log Corner Wrap

A popular product produced by Alpenglow is a specialty vertical corner wrap cut from a single timber or log.  In both round or square product, special milling equipment is used to make the x and y cuts to provide a perfect fit around the house corner.

The timbers on the forklift in the view above are processed with a hewn surface, but, as with any of our timber proiducts, can be finished with an adz pattern, wavey tecture, antiqued, or planed and sanded smooth.

Log or timber posts can be customized to your specifications, such as the bear carvings at the top of these stair posts.  ALTH provides log or timber railings and log stair packages, as well as log or timber mantel pieces.


Please call Alpenglow Log & Timber Homes at 970-523-9393 for further information or email us at