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We can be commissioned in a consultants role to
  1. Change or improve upon the exterior look of your elevations (Architectural Styling) and/or
  2. Provide improvements or specific solutions to the layout of your design (Floor Plan Fixes) and/or
  3. Provide professional review, counsel and written reports on your design (Design Evaluation Service).

Architectural Styling: Send us your front elevation and any additional elevations you'd like us to style along with a list or general idea of your goals. We'll forward a quote for the service, which we usually perform via hand sketched drawings. "Styling" not only includes the illustration, but we can also suggest material callout's. Cost for this service usually ranges from $250 to $600 for the first elevation and less for subsequent elevations and does depend on what is supplied for us to work from.

Floor Plan Fixes: Send us your floor plan(s) and describe your quandary and/or specific goals. We'll forward a quote for the service in which we zero in on the problem and provide you with solutions to improve the function, marketability, and/or aesthetics of the plan. Depending on the material supplied by you we will determine whether to perform our service by hand or CAD. Cost for this service ranges from $150 to $500 or more depending upon the scope of work.

Design Evaluation Service: When you provide us with information about your building site and it's surroundings, along with the design you've conceptualized or completed, we'll provide you with a detailed written report that addresses all aspects of the design. We point out strengths and weaknesses of the design and identify potential problems and deliver suggestions for improvement. Cost for the report varies with the size and complexity of the design, ranging from $250-$1000.

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