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Recent changes in the US copyright laws allow for statutory penalties for copyright infringement involving part or all of any of the copyrighted plans found on this website or in our Design Gallery publication. Copyright laws can be confusing, but in short;

You must have specific permission or license to build a home from a copyrighted design, even if the finished home has been changed from the original plan. It is illegal to build one of the homes found in this publication without a license, but we've made it easy to use our plans. By simply purchasing an inexpensive set of "Prelim's" you are thereby granted the right to use our designs to modify and/or create construction drawings for the purposes of building a home.

Some plans are available in more informative Architectural Sets or full Construction Drawings, which also come with the license to use the design.

  All Plans are Copyright 2000-2006 Alpenglow Log and Timber Homes / Mountain Home Designs - All rights reserved
All Square Footage Amounts Are Approximate - Prices subject to change